Punch Hero MOD APK 1.3.5 (Unlimited Money)

Agrandir vue - Punch Hero pour capture d'écran Android  Agrandir vue - Punch Hero pour capture d'écran Android  Agrandir vue - Punch Hero pour capture d'écran Android

A great boxing arcade game.

First at all, I have to tell you that Punch Hero, just for its very own nature, automatically points out my weakness for anything that resembles, even distantly, NES Punch Out. In addition, it has that look so fiery and awesomely similar to that game that Bart and Homer played in that extremely famous The Simpsons’ chapter. Therefore, Gamevil’s Punch Hero comes with the best possible references.

Gameplay is easy, tap left or right to throw a jab with either fist; slide left or rightwards to hit your foe with a hook; and draw a diagonal to attack with the fearsome uppercut. Block tapping left and right at once and dodge thanks to the dodge buttons. It isn’t strictly a boxing simulator but a pretty brute arcade instead, but it does its job pretty well and fights are exciting and thrilling, with chances for both boxers to overcome a fight that seems lost. Three rounds, three, on the ring. Focus, cold blood and wits will be your best allies till you get enough experience.

By experience, we not only meant hours of gameplay, but also experience points and coins. Former are used to improve your prowess and health, latter can be spent in character customization and vanity items. There’s a -oh, surprise- in-app purchase to acquire premium items, though this game is otherwise free to play. Don’t forget to check the special moves, which can only be played when your rage-meter is full.

Although character mode is fun enough to be enjoyed by a long while, you can play a more casual game mode coming to blows with a horde of zombies (waiter, there’s a zombie in my soup…) or daring to enter the online mode and face friends and anonymous players alike. Lastly, if you tap on Challenger Registry you can use your friends’ face or yours (as taken from Facebook) as your character’s face on the ring.

In conclusion, a great boxing game. We missed more fantasy moves and more footwork, but it’s a great game anyway, recommended to both usual players of games of this kind and those who want to initiate themselves into. If I may, I’d like to suggest a new game based on Kickboxing/Muay Thai/Savate/you name it, because I really enjoyed this Punch Hero but I felt like I’d like much if it were more assorted. And let girls fight, too!


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